Three Important Services from Body Corporate Painters

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Three Important Services from Body Corporate Painters

3 August 2015
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There are long-term economical benefits of owning a quality property complex with a body corporate. Profitable types of developments in this ownership category include attached townhouses, mixed-use residential and commercial buildings, villa units and apartment blocks. However, you should note that there are diverse maintenance requirements linked to these properties so as to ensure that the building value is not compromised. One of the most important tasks is body corporate painting. This project is essential in extending the life of the constructed structure and limit damage due to moisture. Moreover, a properly painted building will reflect well on you and other corporate members. Here are the main services that you should engage from qualified body corporate painters.

Pavement Marking

Pavement markings are essential in body corporate because they promote proper usage of the property common space. The painted lines and symbols will outline the pedestrian pavement space and reduce the risk of accidents. They are also suitable for use when dividing the parking space so as to ensure responsible and considerate usage. Common types of marking materials which are ideal for commercial and community residential use include epoxy, thermoplastics and general paint. Body corporate painters will provide quality line markings which will last long under heavy usage. Additionally, they offer assistance in the removal of old pavement markings through techniques like water blasting, mechanical scabbling and air thermal lance.

Roof Painting

Roofs are exposed to adverse weather and climatic conditions so they are susceptible to damage. For example, the surface colours will fade eventually due to ultraviolet light exposure. It is crucial to periodically engage roof refurbishment services from body corporate painters to prevent accelerated damage. These specialists are vital during this type of project because the repainting task requires equipment and machinery for roof access. There are safety risks linked to working on elevated work platforms such as scissor lifts, knuckle booms and mobile scaffolds. A casual maintenance handyman may not be qualified to use the equipment so their hire can expose the body corporate to injury lawsuits.

Graffiti Removal

If the body corporate property has been targeted by vandals, you should engage graffiti removal services. It is ill-advised to deal with this type of problem in-house because amateur removal may damage the walls. You should hire body corporate painters for chemical, mechanical and even environmentally-sustainable removal. In addition, request for application of anti-graffiti coatings after cleaning if the property is commonly targeted. Common protective layers include sacrificial, semi-sacrificial and permanent anti-graffiti products.

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