4 Walls: Creative Paint Ideas for Your Child's Bedroom

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Parents are often reluctant to let their kids go crazy with paint colours in their room but it can be worth it. Bright colours can look great in a kid's room, and often if the kid has been given more control over their bedroom they will treat it with more respect. They don't want to have bright colours for ever and it's nice to let them have this time to just be kids. This website can give you lots of insight on how to find a compromise between letting your child choose their own color, and buying a tasteful color.

4 Walls: Creative Paint Ideas for Your Child's Bedroom

7 September 2016
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There's no best way to paint a child's bedroom, and it can be the case that there are a number of ways that will work. There are four walls in the room, so there can be four different types of paint. Some of these types of paint allow your child to express their creativity, and yes, to make a mess. So what are some creative paint ideas for your child's bedroom?

Wall 1: Magnetic Undercoating

A magnetic wall is a fun way to allow your children to decorate a wall in their room with no mess whatsoever. It's essentially a special undercoating that contains a large amount of iron oxide, which is then finished in a topcoat colour of your choice. The magnetic undercoating needs to be applied in a thick coat in order to attract magnets, and it needs to be as smooth as possible. If you're unsure about your own painting skills, then a residential painter will be able to do this for you quickly and easily. It is a two stage job, however. Once a thick layer of undercoating has been applied, it needs to dry. Lay a magnet on the wall, and if it firmly attaches, then you know that the undercoat is thick enough. Another coat will be needed if the magnet slides down the wall. The wall can then be finished with a topcoat and the wall is ready (once it has dried). Your children can stick whatever magnets they like onto the wall without causing any damage.

Wall 2: Chalkboard Paint

Unsurprisingly, chalkboard paint is a dark colour, and you perhaps don't want an entire large wall to be covered in a dramatically dark shade. If the walls in your child's room are unevenly sized, then you might want to put this on one of the smaller walls. When dry, the surface of the wall is just like a great big chalkboard. Your children can draw whatever they want on the wall and it will wipe clean.

Wall 3: A Mess Wall

This can be in any colour you like, and is a wall to which things can actually be attached. Your children can pin photos and posters—essentially anything they like. Limiting this activity to one wall preserves the paint throughout the room. It also makes it easier to repaint and repair any small holes in the plaster when the room is redecorated or when you move out.

Wall 4: A Feature Wall

What is your child's favourite colour? The remaining wall in your child's room can simply be a feature wall in a colour of their choosing. It might not match the rest of their room, but this doesn't matter so much with a vibrantly coloured feature wall. The whole idea is that it stands out. This is the one wall in the room to which nothing will be tacked, nor will it be drawn on or be a surface for magnets. You can at least keep one room in your child's bedroom clean and beautiful!

These are truly easy ways to paint a child's room in a manner that still allows your child to make a mess and be creative (but in a way that is easy to clean).