Making Your Garage Stand Out: 3 Tips for Epoxy Coating Your Garage Floor

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Making Your Garage Stand Out: 3 Tips for Epoxy Coating Your Garage Floor

26 September 2016
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Transform your once boring and old cement garage floor into a thing of beauty by applying an epoxy coating on it. Epoxy coating is made by mixing one part epoxide resin with one part polyamine hardener. The finished product is a glossy and durable surface that is basically resilient to chipping, chemicals and abrasions. This type of floor coating will last a lifetime. If you're interested in transforming your garage floor by applying epoxy coating, here are 3 tips you should consider.

Fill in Cracks with Caulk

There's a good chance that your garage floor isn't in its best condition after many years of wear and use. There's probably a lot of cracks on the floor. To get the best results possible, you'll want to fill in the cracks with caulk, so that you'll get a smooth finish when you apply the epoxy coating. If you are hiring a floor coating service to do the job for you, make sure you specify that you want all of the cracks to be filled in.

Wear Spiked Shoes When Accessing the Garage

Once the floor coating service has begun to apply the epoxy coating, you'll want to avoid getting in their way and going into the garage. You'll want to park your cars outside and basically move everything that you stored in the garage out onto the lawn or into a self storage facility. If you're interested in helping out, you'll want to wear spiked shoes whenever you access your garage to avoid ruining the finish. Once the epoxy coating has been applied, you'll also want to close off the garage to prevent small bugs from landing on the epoxy coating.

Check the Floors Before You Allow the Coating to Cure

It's easy to overlook minor details when you're working on your garage. Before you allow the epoxy coating to cure, you'll want to quickly go over the garage with a professional to determine if there are any imperfections that can be corrected before the epoxy completely cures. You'll also want to look for any loose screws or bolts that may have dropped on the floor unnoticed. After the epoxy cures, you'll have to live with your mistakes.

There are many different ways that you can customize epoxy coating for your garage floor. You can either go with a solid colour or you can choose to try something a bit fancier and add some designs or texture to the floor.