Transform Your Dated Interior Brick Wall in 2 Easy Steps

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Transform Your Dated Interior Brick Wall in 2 Easy Steps

13 December 2016
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Sometimes, a stylish brick feature wall can make a beautiful addition to a home. Unfortunately, in many older Australian homes, the brick walls may be more of an eye-sore than an attractive feature. Often, the brick structure of the home was left exposed, not to add style, but simply as a cost cutting measure to save money on wall finishes.

If this sounds like your home, then you may be wishing you could get rid of your ugly brickwork without the expense of plastering or rendering the wall. Fortunately, a coat of paint can transform a brick wall quickly, cheaply, and with very little disruption to your home.

Step 1. Seal the Brickwork

Old brickwork can become very eroded over time. Likewise, old mortar can begin to crumble and chip. This can leave your brick wall dusty, dirty and not suitable to paint on. To prepare the wall for painting, you'll need to remove the dust and apply a sealant.

First, clean the wall with a duster to remove surface particles. Then, lightly wipe over the brickwork with a damp cloth to ensure no dust remains. Next, apply a sealant that's designed for use on brick, and allow plenty of time for it to dry. The sealant will reduce the porousness of the bricks, making them easy to paint and reduce the amount of paint required for good coverage.

Step 2. Paint the Brickwork

Once the bricks are clean and sealed, you can successfully paint them. Because brick walls have an uneven surface, you'll get better results using a paintbrush instead of a roller. Any kind of paint is suitable to use, although a water based acrylic paint will be easier to apply than an enamel paint.

The paint colour you choose is a matter of personal taste. Opt for a bright, neutral hue to add light to a dark room with limited natural light. If you want to make a bold statement and aren't afraid of bright colours, you can choose a rich red, vibrant aqua, or even a brilliant gold for a sense of drama.

As well the colour of the paint, think about the paint finish you'd like. A single coat will add colour and camouflage the dated wall while allowing the texture and contours of the bricks to remain visible. Two or three coats of paint will create a flatter and more even surface to the wall, with dents and pock-marks being effectively filled by paint.

It really is that simple. Two simple steps and your ugly brick wall can be transformed into a modern and stylish feature. If you don't have time to do this project or the thought of DIY leaves you in a cold sweat, give your local painting and wallpapering contractor a call. They'll have your wall professionally cleaned, sealed and painted in no time at all.