Simple Guide to Selecting Shiny Paint Finishes

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Simple Guide to Selecting Shiny Paint Finishes

22 May 2017
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You have finished constructing your home, and all that is left is putting the finishing touches. However, as you seek out paint for your new residence, you find that you have to choose from a broad range of options. At this juncture, some individuals make the mistake of choosing the cheapest paint available thinking this would help them cut costs. In reality, the myriad of options functions to give you a selection to match the different applications in your home. If you are a newbie when it comes to paints selection, the following is a simple guide to choosing the right shiny finish.


This type of finish is characterised by having a creamy yet shiny sheen, making it mimic the appearance of satin fabric. It is one of the most versatile finishes that you could invest in as it can be applied in different rooms ranging from the kitchen to living areas. Moreover, a stain finish can be cleaned on a regular basis without the risk of the paint fading prematurely. One thing to note about a stain finish is that it has low reflectivity. Therefore, it may not be best if you would like to boost the illumination of the space. Nevertheless, it does give your home a slightly warm glow, which would complement your interior décor.


This type of paint finish is shinier than its satin counterpart is. It is best suited to rooms that will be exposed to high moisture and require frequent cleanings such as the bathroom or the kitchen. Walls with semi-gloss paint also have the ability to repel dirt and a range of other stains. Therefore, if you have children, you may want to consider using this paint in their rooms so you can easily clean of smudges and fingerprints. One thing to note is that semi-gloss paint does reflect a considerable amount of light. Therefore, it may not be ideal for rooms that receive a lot of sunlight as the paint finish could present an uncomfortable glare.


This finish s one of the shiniest that you could choose for your home. Some people may assume this would be great to enhance lighting but in reality, gloss finishes will give your walls a plasticized effect. Thus, they are much better used for trimming, cabinetry and moulding as the paint will make these features stand out by giving them a dramatic effect. You can further accentuate your cabinets and trim by using gloss paint in a different colour from what is on your walls.