These signs will let you know that you need a roof restoration

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These signs will let you know that you need a roof restoration

30 August 2018
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Does your roof look dirty or faded or have some shingles missing? Chances are you need a roof restoration. Roof restorations are a cost-effective option as they mostly involve replacing the affected parts. Restoration extends the lifespan of your roof, improves the value of roof and minimises environmental pollution. The list below includes some of the indicator signs that you need roof replacement.

Aged roofs

The first indicator sign is the age of your roof. The materials used on your roof, like wood, tiles, shingles and so on, have a particular lifespan. Most quality shingles, for example, will last for about 25 years. However, it is necessary to restore in between these years, perhaps after ten years to avoid risking the need for a replacement.

Missing, buckling or curling shingles

When you inspect the roof, pay close attention to the shingles. When you notice that some shingles are missing or have curled up or buckled, it is time to consider a roof restoration. Moreover, inspect the gutters for any signs of shingle granules. If they are present, then it is time for roof restoration. If your roof is made of tiles, inspect them to spot any signs of cracking or breaking. Sometimes dirty shingles are also an indicator.

Worn out fittings

Worn out fasteners and fittings on the roof, either on the inside or outside, need to be replaced. One indicator of being worn out is corrosion on the metal fasteners and fittings

Signs from the inside

The signs are not restricted to the outside. There are other signs that you need a roof restoration from the inside of your house. These include things such as paint flaking off on areas around the roof, dark spots or water trails originating from the roof. Moreover, in extreme circumstances, the roof may leak or a person may spot some light coming out through the roof during the day. Any of these signs indicate that you need a restoration.

When you ignore the signs that you may need a roof restoration, you might wind up spending a lot of money replacing your roof altogether and endanger the lives of those living or using an office space under a damaged roof. Therefore, it is advisable that you carry out a roof restoration. If you spot these signs, call a qualified contractor for an inspection so that other areas you may not have noticed may be repaired as well.