Benefits of Repainting the Exterior of Your Home

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Benefits of Repainting the Exterior of Your Home

31 August 2020
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While weatherboard cladding gives an authentic and classic look to a home, it can suffer in the elements. Over time, the veneer can deteriorate. Repainting the external walls of your home will do more than provide a visual facelift — it will help in various other ways. Consider the following benefits.

Gives a Well-Maintained Air

Your home's external walls take up the most surface area of the building, and thus their colour and condition will dictate how it looks. Faded and flaky paint will evoke a shabby and run-down impression. By spreading a new paint layer across your home, it will look fresh, pristine, and cared for. Modern paints are better than their predecessors at enduring the elements. Thus, your newly painted external walls will look beautiful for longer. 

Changed Aesthetic

Painting your home provides the perfect opportunity to transform the overriding aesthetic. As well as being faded, the current hue may not be your first choice anyway. It could have been the existing colour when you moved in. Alternatively, it may just be outdated. Many attractive muted or vibrant colours are available to create a new look. You could try dusky charcoal against crisp, white trim. Alternatively, you might consider navy or bright blue against a red front door. 

Added Protection

Repainting your home is not just about making it beautiful, however. A layer of paint protects the siding. It prevents moisture from seeping into the timber and causing mould and mildew to form. Additionally, it blocks insects from getting inside the weatherboard and making it their home. Repainting will help to prolong the life of the siding. 

Inspection Finds Budding Issues

Before painting your cladding, exterior painting services will go over every centimetre of the walls to prep them and check their condition. Thus, they'll catch any problems before they worsen, including water and insect damage. By nipping issues in the bud before they escalate, you'll save money in the long run.

Increased Home Value

If you're selling your home, the external first impression is crucial. If buyers drive by the property, they might be discouraged from entering for a closer inspection if the facade looks poorly maintained. Thus, even if the interior is lovely, they won't get to see it. With a gorgeous curb view, you'll attract as many buyers inside as possible. Thus, you or professional sellers can speak to them and highlight your home's great attributes.

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