2 Ways To Save Money If You've Hired A Painter

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2 Ways To Save Money If You've Hired A Painter

22 June 2022
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Here are some ways to save money if you've hired a painter to paint some areas of your home or premises.

Choose the right paint

The cost of getting some parts of your property painted can be reduced if you choose the right paint. For example, if you initially picked a colour that is much lighter than the current wall colour, the painter might need to add many layers to these dark-coloured walls in order to cover them up with this lighter paint. As such, if you were to choose a slightly darker colour that was a bit more similar to the existing one, the painter might be able to cover it with fewer coats of paint and thus use less of this substance.

Additionally, you might want to ask the painter for their advice on what paint brand to opt for, as the paint produced by some brands has a greater level of opacity than others and so less of it needs to be used to create a uniform colour when painting a wall. The painter will almost certainly have experience using a wide variety of paints from different brands and so should be able to recommend one that is very opaque.

Consider asking them not to paint areas that are hidden away from view most of the time  

Another way to save some money in this situation is to ask the painter not to paint areas of the rooms that will be hidden away from view most or all of the time. This will not only reduce the number of hours the painter has to spend painting the space (which will then reduce the painting fee you pay) but will also mean that they'll use less paint.

For example, if you're having your bedroom painted and you have a walk-in wardrobe, it might be best not to have them paint the inside of this wardrobe, as not only will the interior not be visible when you or anyone else is in this room (as long as you keep the wardrobe doors closed), but its walls will also be barely visible even when its doors are opened, due to the wardrobe being full of clothes. Similarly, if you're having your office interior painted and you have some store cupboards where you keep extra office supplies or your cleaner's supplies, then you don't necessarily need to paint this cupboard's interior to improve your office's appearance, as its interior will be hidden from view most of the time.