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Choosing a cheerful colour

Parents are often reluctant to let their kids go crazy with paint colours in their room but it can be worth it. Bright colours can look great in a kid's room, and often if the kid has been given more control over their bedroom they will treat it with more respect. They don't want to have bright colours for ever and it's nice to let them have this time to just be kids. This website can give you lots of insight on how to find a compromise between letting your child choose their own color, and buying a tasteful color.

2 Ways To Save Money If You’ve Hired A Painter

22 June 2022
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Here are some ways to save money if you've hired a painter to paint some areas of your home or premises. Choose the right paint The cost of getting some parts of your property painted can be reduced if you choose the right paint. For example, if you initially picked a colour that is much lighter than the current wall colour, the painter might need to add many layers to these dark-coloured walls in order to cover them up with this lighter paint. Read More …

Helpful Tips for Hiring Commercial Painters When You Run a Restaurant

27 October 2021
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If you run a restaurant, you might have worked with a few contractors who helped you with sprucing up the place. Now, you might have decided to hire a crew of commercial painters to help with painting. If you're thinking about working with commercial painters, you'll probably want to remember these tips so that you can get great results. Consider Sprucing Up the Outside First of all, you will probably want to spruce up the outside of your restaurant. Read More …

Benefits of Choosing Latex Paint Over Oil-Based Paint for Exterior House Painting

8 April 2021
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Paint technology has advanced significantly, leaving homeowners with numerous choices when it comes to formulations. In the past, oil paints were the most popular and only readily available option for users. However, today there are latex paints, also known as water-based paints, for interior and exterior use. Latex paint rivals oil-based paint in versatility, durability and performance. As you consider painting your home's exterior, note these benefits of choosing latex over oil paints for your project. Read More …

Benefits of Repainting the Exterior of Your Home

31 August 2020
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While weatherboard cladding gives an authentic and classic look to a home, it can suffer in the elements. Over time, the veneer can deteriorate. Repainting the external walls of your home will do more than provide a visual facelift — it will help in various other ways. Consider the following benefits. Gives a Well-Maintained Air Your home's external walls take up the most surface area of the building, and thus their colour and condition will dictate how it looks. Read More …

How To Alter The Visual Dimensions Of A Room With Paint

30 August 2019
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Wall paint not only decorates your home, providing ambience and style, but it also alters how large or small a room appears. Read on to discover ways to change your home's apparent proportions through painting. Visually Expanding Small Rooms You might wish, in a compact room, that you could push back the walls. Well, you can give the illusion of this by selecting the right wall and ceiling colours. Using pale or upper-mid-toned paint can generate the impression of a larger room. Read More …